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Journeys of discovery

What truly drives us?

The search for meaning has become the primary quest of our times. We are constantly asking questions wanting to understand it all in the hope to make sense of what’s happening to us. We are searching for ways to make life easier, get rid of what we don’t want and uncover a deeper sense of meaning. Logotherapy is a powerful philosophy for discovering more meaning and purpose in life. It is an approach which make us aware of our unique human condition, potential and spiritual realities.

Dr Viktor Frankl, the originator of Logotherapy, was working as a young medical doctor, psychiatrist and neurologist in Vienna during the Second World War when he was sent to the concentration camps. It was during this time that he developed Logotherapy – a way of discovering meaning and purpose despite terrible, unavoidable suffering. Life is often about our ability to turn a challenge into a triumph and we come alive when we express our defiant will to do what we believe in.

At Streetschool we combine meaning with mindfulness (plus an amazing external journey as well). Mindfulness is the mental capability to focus and pay attention to what is happing the moment. It is the development of internal emotional stability and control over your own mind. It helps you to stay focused, remain calm and develop deeper insights into what is happening around you. This is the new frontier of human development. It is not about getting someplace else, but rather about being fully aware of where you already are. It is about taking control of your own mind and using it for the full benefit of the world around you.

To become aware of our existential realities and what is truly meaningful. The personal discovery of meaning and cultivation of mindfulness is the cornerstone on which to build the masterpiece of your life. The fusion of cutting-edge behavioural science from the modern western world with ancient contemplative traditions serves to future proof us for the challenges of tomorrow. We deal directly with the Tibetan community in India with access to the spiritual teachers at the source of human inspiration.

Realities of life

The body of Logotherapy literature is quite comprehensive but the following principles are worth highlighting:


  • We want to make a difference. Our greatest desire is to feel useful and enjoy a worthwhile life. Our search for something meaningful is what gets us up in the morning.
  • We always have options and the freedom to make a choice. We are able to take a stand no matter what the circumstances, even if it only by the attitude we adopt. We may never be free from obligations, but we are always free to decide how to react.
  • The potential for meaning exist under all circumstances. It is even possible to discover meaning in suffering.
  • There are three avenues to discover meaning for yourself – by what we do, by what we experience and by the attitude we adopt. In any one of these three directions there is meaning waiting for us.
  • We need to consider what is being asked from us. Typically we ask, we want more, and we demand for ourselves. But sometimes we should stop and ask – what is being asked from me now? We are responsible to interact with the demands of life.
  • Humour has the ability to diffuse trauma. Our ability to laugh at our own misery takes the wind out of the sails of distress. This is one of the best therapies we have.
  • We can get used to anything and have the power to change our attitudes. A change in attitude can shift us into a new positive frame of mind.
  • The strength of the human spirit gives us the power to stand up for what we believe in. We are able to defy our biological, sociological and psychological predispositions to authentically stand for what we think is right.
  • Love conquers all. Our ability to love and be loved is what fills us with hope and inspiration.
  • We are able to embrace any change that comes our way change. If we understand “why”, we can overcome any “how”.
What about spirituality?

Logotherapy is not designed to teach us how to overcome or escape from suffering; rather it emphasises a broad range of positive attitudes for relating to challenges in a courageous manner. To suffer for no reason is meaningless (and useless). To discover meaning in suffering can make it worthwhile. We cannot understand Frankl’s Logotherapy without understanding his views about the spiritual dimension; this is key to Logotherapy. The spiritual dimension is Frankl’s way of capturing what is distinct about human beings.

Logotherapy defines human existence as consisting of physical, psychological and spiritual domains. Spirituality is the part of human nature that separates us from other animals. Spiritually is different from religion. Religion is something we are taught and born into. Spirituality is something we are born with and innately have. Spirituality is our propensity to self-transcend and seek understanding of the bigger questions of life. We are by nature meaning-focused, motivated by the desire to understand the world in which we live and to search for something out there that demands our devotion. In this context spirituality is a domain beyond the religious to the extent that religion is unique among different cultures, but we are all hardwired to be spiritually attuned.

Our spiritual dimension contains qualities such as our will to meaning, wanting to do great things, having grand goals, ideals, our creativity, imagination, faith, love, commitments, responsibility, sense of humour and the freedom to express ourselves.

More than 2 000 years ago, the mystic Hillel summarised a philosophy of life in 25 words with his maxim: “If I don’t do it, who will? If I don’t do it now, when will I? If I do it for myself, what am I?”

With these few short phrases he summarised the essence of what it takes to live a life of meaning. “If I don’t do it, who will?”, suggests we take personal responsibility to tackle our challenges. It’s always good to ask for help, but it starts with you.

“If I don’t do it now, when will I?” points towards the transitoriness of life. Time marches on and no one knows when death will come. Why are we waiting? We often joke that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Doing it now keeps us moving forward and if we do the right things, we will move in the right direction.

The last question, “If I do it for myself, what am I?” suggests that meaning and fulfilment come from doing for others. Kierkegaard said, “The door to happiness opens outwards” – the extent to which we add value to people around us is directly related to our experience of meaning.

At Streetschool we help you work through questions such as this. We don’t have all the answers but on our journeys and workshops you will get a chance to discover you own answers for yourself.

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2022/2023 Journeys

2022 Journeys

Retreats In India

Journey to the source of human inspiration and explore the meaning of life.

Mindfulness Leadership

Corporate programs to lead with meaning and mindfulness for improved performance.

Everest Base Camp trek

Walk in the footsteps of the Himalayan greats. Feel the magic of the highest peaks in the world.

Teach English To Tibetan Monks

Open to school students to volunteer at the foothills of the Himalayas and teach English at Tibetan village schools.

The Himalayan Camino

“Eat Pray Love” Nepal style.

Bollywood Filmweek

Make your own movie.

Ride The Himalayas

Ride the Tibetan plateau.

Gap Week Kathmandu

Come design your future.

“It was a truly life changing experience.”


“Wow, this experience taught me the most amazing philosophy and compassion I never believed was possible.”


“Stillness is critical for where I am at the moment. And after this trip I am further along my path than I realise.”


“My mind started to change in a positive way.”


Upcoming Journeys


April 2022

Everest Base Camp Trek 2022

An expedition to Everest is an amazing physical and emotional experience that will move you into a new personal dimension. More Details



Himalayan Camino

Candle-lit dinners in the glow of the Himalayas, yoga sessions in the fresh mountain air and rejuvenating healing massages will get all your creative juices flowing again. More Details



Royal Enfield Bike Trip

Our trip takes you on classic Royal Enfield’s from Manali at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, to Leh in Ladakh, one of the remotest places on earth. More Details


October 2022

Mindfulness Retreat (including Varanasi)

Spiritual rejuvenation combined with a mindfulness audit. Learn how to meditate, understand Tibetan Yoga, and a introduction to Buddhist philosophy. More Details


April 2023

Annapurna Base camp trek

A trek to one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Tenth highest in the world this surpasses Everest for beauty – and it’s much quieter More Details

Student Journey Dates

Teach English & Bollywood Filmweek

   March 2023 school holiday

Gap Week in Kathmandu

     September 2022 school holiday

Student Journeys

Teach English to Tibetan Monks

Open to school students between the ages of 15 and 19. Do volunteer work within the Tibetan exile community in Dharamsala, India. READ MORE

Gap Week Kathmandu

Students will work in small factories, do woodwork, learn about clay-pot making, work in a motor repair shop, and cook in a hotel kitchen. READ MORE

Bollywood Filmweek

Learn about Indian filmmaking and make your own movie in Dharavi, home to Slumdog millionaire during the 2019 school holidays. READ MORE

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