Living in fear of not being happy

We all want similar things in life really. Most of us want to be happy, to have nice things, a successful job, people to love, and people to love us. And we chase this in whatever way we think will get us there. I was chatting with a friend of mine in Nepal and he said something really interesting.

As we go through life we get more and more affected by a hangover of the past: what we haven’t done, or haven’t got haunts us into the future and we desperately try to get things to suit us so that we can finally reach that point where we can have it all and be ok. This concern for our perceived lack of not having enough yet, or not quite being there, is rooted in a restlessness called fear, and this uneasiness often manifests in aggression, irritation or impatience. By this, he was not suggesting we stop working hard or stop taking on challenges as they appear on our path. He was suggesting we change our attitudes and be driven by a courageous pursuit of growth rather than a restlessness that has its foundation in fear.

Now I’m sure we don’t all go through life driven by fear in this way, but is was interesting to note that in order to be content, we need to trust ourselves and have the courage in our own abilities to guide us through life successfully. We need to break down our self-imposed walls of imprisonment and wake up to our own consciousness as the moral compass that will courageously deliver us into the future. With a strong belief that we have what it takes to get us there, we can allow ourselves to relax and really enjoy the ride as so many of us profess.

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