Gratitude and Happiness

We arrived back a couple of weeks ago from our 18th journey to Asia. Streetschool has now taken in excess of 200 people to the Tibetan community and Nepal. This has been an amazing few years and I feel extremely blessed to have taken all these people. I wish to thank every person for the trust in me and Streetschool.

Every time we return to Dharamsala or Kathmandu we build new relationships, strengthen existing ones and enhance the workshop journey. True to the nature of growth and discovery, the journey is never done. The highlight of the August 2015 trip was probably our session with Geshe Lhakdor, Director and head of the Tibetan Library of Works and Archives. He has such a simple yet powerful way of dealing with complex issues. I will never forget his comment to one of our questions.

We asked him: “How does one maintain a feeling of gratitude and happiness?” He simply said: “Go meditate for a whole morning that you are a street-dog, then come tell me you’re not happy with what you have!”

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