The “real” world vs the “reel” world

We live in such a conceptual world sometimes. The “reel” world and not the real world as someone once put it. We discuss principles and ideas, we think of the past and the future as if it’s real, and we start believing experiences we haven’t had yet. But it is not until we actually do something valuable that we truly connect with a moment of truth

Today we met our Nepalese host families and the group checked into their homes for the week. Later I had a cup of coffee with the organizer Krishna Khaitu and on the way back to my room bumped into one of the girls – in tears. There’s nothing like tears to expose a moment of truth! She was visibly moved by how little these people have and how content they are despite their apparent lack of possessions. And couldn’t but reflect with amazement at her own relative elaborate level of wealth.

This powerful realization that it is not the stuff we have which gives us happiness but something else, came to her so clearly this afternoon. And this observation became a moment of maturity. Growth does not necessarily imply that we mature. Someone can grow very old without having learnt the important lessons in life. It is only when we grow upwards by learning from life’s lessons that we become a little wiser about how life really works. Who knows what this moment will mean for her but for those few minutes this afternoon, she saw a ray of light.