Questioning our beliefs

The sound and smell of it all were quite overwhelming but what all this confusion so effectively bring into question, are our personal beliefs. And here I’m not referring to those universal ones like don’t steal, be nice or drink lots of water. We are questioned at the bedrock of our belief system and reminded that all of humanity, and us as private individuals do not always share the same beliefs.

A day like today makes one realize with renewed appreciation that we always have a free choice on how to act, or what to think, despite the circumstances we may find ourselves in. And to understand that, it is this most basic belief which gives us the foundation on which to build a life of meaning. We may never be free from obligations or responsibilities or challenges, but we are always free to make the right decision on how to act.

Our beliefs show themselves only when we are called into action or when we have to take a stand. When all is going well or when we do nothing, they don’t come into play. Wading through this cacophony of people today presented us with a simple, crystal clear message: be authentic and do the right thing, no matter what others may say or think.