Mindfulness workshops

Our precious life and search for happiness, have long been some of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. Mindfulness offers us a tool with which to address such questions. In this one-day workshop we will de-mystify mindfulness and help you create momentum for a happier more meaningful life.

There are many misconceptions, varied perspectives and a large measure of cultural scepticism regarding the “mysterious” practice of mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness combines scientific rationality with eastern spirituality and presents us with a provocative and refreshing way to look at life. The majority of people who follow this practice do so in the hope of reducing negative experiences, becoming more peaceful and improving their ability to regulate their emotions. Only a tiny minority do so for religious reasons.

What you will gain from the 1-day workshop:

  • Understanding mindfulness and how to practice it daily
  • Discovering your personal avenues to meaning
  • How to develop more clarity of what you want 
  • Better understand your purpose
  • Improved interpersonal relationships 

What we will cover:

  • Understanding the meaning and purpose of life
  • De-mystifying mindfulness and how to practice this in your own time
  • Meditation techniques
  • How to live mindfully
  • The operation of free choice in life
  • Dealing with stress and building resilience

This workshop is registered with the SA Board of People Practices SETA and you will qualify for 7 CPD points. Based on the philosophy of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy this workshop includes tools, worksheets and practical tips of applying the learning in your own time.

Bookings for Johannesburg on 21 July at Leafy Greens in Muldersdrift:

  • Fee: R1,450pp including all worksheets, tools, lecture notes and CPD certificate
  • Venue: Leafy Greens, Rocky Ridge Road, Muldersdrift (next to Casalinga)
  • Date: 21 July 2018
  • Time: 09:00 to 16:00
  • To book: Klasie@streetschool.co.za 0825544614 or sam@streetschool.co.za 0824952209

We will also facilitate a 3-day workshop retreat at the Dharamagiri Retreat Centre near Underberg on 7, 8 and 9 December 2018. This exclusive retreat program combine the teachings of Logotherapy with mindfulness meditation practices in a unique way. Different from the 1-day workshop, the program for the 3-day retreat mixes yoga and meditation sessions with a practical workshop on Logotherapy as a philosophy for life. Contact us or the two retreat centres directly for bookings.