Mindfulness retreats in India for 2018

Our journeys combine spiritual retreat with a mindfulness audit. These 11-day journeys takes place in Dharamsala, India, a small hilltop village at the foothills of the Himalayas and home of HH the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan exile community.

HH the Dalai Lama and about 90 000 Tibetans had to evacuate Tibet in 1959 due to Chinese occupation; Dharamsala is the place where they have been living peacefully and campaigning for a Free Tibet. We coordinate this trip directly through the Office of Tibet, which assists us in connecting with some very special people.

What differentiates this journey from any other is essentially two things: you will interact with lamas, monks and Tibetans which normal travellers would not be able to and there is also personal coaching which forms an integral part of the whole program. We have groups sessions before, during and after the journey – this is a personal development journey where life coaching in naturally built into the program and is designed to manifest positive internal development, enhance personal creativity, energy and sense of purpose in life.

Meet with senior lamas

Attend lectures on Bhuddist philosophy

Visit the temple of HH the Dalai Lama and walk the famous Lingor mediation walk

Meet with officials of the Tibetan Government in exile and monks who have escaped from Chinese jails

See a Tibetan healer (doctor) and a Tibetan astrologer

Do yoga, reiki and other forms of alternative healing

Shop – Dharamsala has many quaint arts and crafts shops

Visit the Taj Mahal (in Agra) and the Golden Temple (in Amritsar)

R38,500 including all flights, all hotel accommodation, 3 meals per day, all entrance and donation fee's, all taxis the lot.

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20 to 30 October 2018

COST R38,500

Including all flights, all accommodation, all local transportation, 3 meals per day, donations, entrance fees and all facilitation. We stay in clean, comfortable budget hotels as you will see on the pictures to the right.


20 to 30 October


Personal spending money, travel and medical insurance and visa application fees. Visa cost for SA passport holders is only R117 if you complete the application yourself.

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Clarity and a renewed sense of purpose

Develop patience, understanding, wisdom, calmness, focus, and spiritual rejuvenation

Dealing with unwanted emotions like frustration, procrastination, impatience, being too judgemental, and letting go

Learn how to meditate, understand Tibetan Yoga, introduction to Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan medicines

Build personal relationships with monks and Tibetan philosophers

Learn to basics of Logotherapy - a meaning centred form of counselling developed by Dr Viktor Frankl

Throughout the journey we also allow ample time for you to reflect on your own agenda. The intent is to come away spiritually refreshed, energized and with a new level of personal wisdom.

The trip with Streetschool is a wonderful introduction to India and especially to the Tibetan cause. A well guided trip. Klasie organised a wide variety of things to do but also allows you to spend time alone. Dharamsala is a special place and the forest, the people and the vibe gets into your spirit. Memories will last for ever. Just do it…. soon.

Jenny Hart

Sacred Hart Healing, Somerset West

This trip is a profound, life-changing, core-shaking experience.
A humbling, experiential journey into mindfulness, meditation & Buddhist philosophy – enjoy!

Chris Hitchings