Conversations On Meaning – Part 1

Here’s part one of this workshop series. A bit long and philosophical but it’s important to understand what we mean by meaning before we go looking for it! Conversations on Meaning Course Notes Session 1

In addition, we have some homework to do. These exercises are discussed in the feedback sessions and will assist us to uncover some hidden forgotten dreams and thoughts. Conversations on Meaning Session 1 Homework

The following week, we will deal with our personal uniqueness in part two of this journey. The ecological landscape of the course starts off with the understanding what we mean by meaning, then we address our personal uniqueness, thirdly we move on to identify what we deeply want from life (and have to offer life), then we investigate our beliefs (and separate what we were told to believe from what we believe for ourselves), we uncover our unique sources of energy and defiant strength, move on to the free options we have in life to finally arrive and the crossroads towards meaning and purpose. Unlimitedly we are aiming to open an awareness to live self transcendently. It is only when we can transcend our own limitations that we truly connect with life and live up to the power of our human potential.

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