Coaching towards meaning and purpose

Why do you want to achieve, grow or be more than you currently are? As individuals, our strongest desire is to find meaning in whatever we do. Many people pursue fulfillment from power, pleasure and possessions, often finding that they offer a temporary satisfaction. Others strive to conform, adapting their behaviours and beliefs to those of society. In doing so, they lose their personal identities and often their unique voices.

Our unique form of coaching provides meaning-centered counseling and development, which serves to create a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding to manifest personal growth. We also strive to provide a unique option for career counseling for young people who are often unsure about what they want to do after school. Our goal is to help them create a meaningful and purpose-driven future. We offer individual as well as group coaching. To read more about our coaching model, follow this link.

The success of any coaching intervention depends largely on the relationship between coach and client. If you’re interested click on the link below or send at mail to and we will contact you.

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The philosophy of our coaching model is based on Logotherapy

As humans we all have a defiant free will and scope of free choice

Our will to be meaningful in life is stronger and more enduring than our will to power or our will to pleasure

There is meaning to be found in every situation despite the circumstances we may find ourselves in

We may not be free from obligations or conditions, but we are always free to decide how we will react and behave in the future

We are each challenged to discover our own avenues to meaning and purpose by our creative acts (what we do), what we experience from life, and the attitude we adopt towards life

We have the responsibility to not only ask what we want from life, buts also ask what life (or the situation) asks from us. We have a responsibility to life

Meaning is to be found beyond and outside us, in someone and some thing greater than us


The talks can be delivered in anything from 30 mins to 2 hours. In terms of architecture, it fuses the philosophy of Logotherapy, practical examples of how to live powerfully despite challenges as demonstrated by the Tibetans, and personal stories of growth from South African participants.


Group Coaching Workshops are very effective in improving team dynamics and to rejuvenate a group with a renewed sense of commitment. Often the coaching workshops are part of a development program and there could be as many as 6 such workshop session in a development campaign. Workshops range from 2-hour sessions to full days.


We can assist you in designing and managing your talent and future leaders. Our approach is to use internal resources where possible, which makes our programs quite cost efficient. We can also introduce mentorship programs including succession planning.


Our style of Leadership development is to combine personal development with unusual external experiences to manifest sustainable growth. Our Leadership development approach is based on Logotherapy – a forward-looking form of coaching which aims to assist clients in finding a deeper sense of meaning and purpose at work.