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And as humans we are still foraging. But instead of turning over rocks in search of insects and nuts, we are searching to understand it all. Our deepest motivating force is to make a difference, to experience meaning and live with purpose. We want to be of service and add value to the people around us. To feel needed and appreciated makes us happy.

We live in a hyper-connected, time starved world with constant demands. And although we may have a lot to live by, we are not always aware of what we are living for. Streetschool facilitates journeys which brings attention to what is important to you. We help you discover more clarity, a more peaceful mind and more happiness. If this sounds appealing to you, join us for a journey to the source of human inspiration in Indian Himalayas.

Our journeys are registered with the SA Board of People Practices and participants qualify for 60 CPD points. We deal directly with the Tibetan Government in Exile to facilitate our sessions with monks and spiritual teachers not accessible to the general public. Our journeys are designed to connect you with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in a very powerful way.

It was a truly life changing experience - Jemma
Wow, this experience taught me the most amazing philosophy and compassion I never believed was possible - Brian
Stillness is critical for where I am at the moment. And after this trip I am further along my path than I realise - Verna
My mind started to change in a positive way - Michelle
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Next available journey dates

2019 Mindfulness journeys to India

21 to 31 March

8 to 18 June

19 to 29 October


Student volunteer programs in India and Nepal

2019 School holidays. Dates to be confirmed in the next few weeks.

Hike to Everest Base Camp

18 April  to 8 May 2019

Ride the Himalayas

August 2019. Exact dates to be confirmed soon.

What we offer

Spiritual mindfulness retreats with Tibetan monks in India

What differentiates this journey from any other is essentially two things: you will interact with lamas, monks and Tibetans which normal travellers would not be able to and there is also personal coaching which forms an integral part of the whole program.

Personal development journeys for students to India and Nepal

We offer a range of adventurous experiential learning journeys that are designed for students between the ages of 15 and 21 to participate in. These journeys are an organic form of life coaching: combining personal and group coaching with experiences, we work with young people in identifying their inner strengths, dreams and visions. Volunteer at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas and teach English at Tibetan village schools, discuss the meaning of life with Tibetan monks, hike in the Himalayas, learn about meditation, do vision-boarding and visit the Taj Mahal & Golden Temple. On this personal development journey, we use group coaching to discuss themes such as confidence, self-esteem, emotional control, stress resilience, personal branding and future vision. 

Or come design your future. Take a gap-week to teach English, work in small factories, cook in a hotel kitchen, do river rafting and trek in the Himalayas. Life coaching sessionsto discuss personal growth are part of this program. We talk about stuff like future vision, confidence, personal branding and emotional control.

Or make your own movie in Bollywood. Learn about Indian filmmaking and make your own movie in Dharavi, home to Slumdog millionaire during the 2019 school holidays. No experience required. We will screen your movie on TV and expand your art portfolio. Life coaching sessionsto discuss personal growth are part of this program. We talk about stuff like future vision, confidence, personal branding and emotional control.

Personalised treks to Everest Base Camp

This is an amazing physical accomplishment will move you into a new personal dimension. Anyone participating in this journey will develop a completely new perspective on life with a refreshed intention to live a life of deep meaning.

Royal Enfield Classic Himalayan Odyssey

Very few people in the world get the opportunity to ride where bottled oxygen may be a necessity. Our trip takes you on classic Royal Enfield’s from Manali at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, to Leh in Ladakh, one of the remotest places on earth.

Coaching underpinned by the philosophy of Logotherapy

Our unique form of coaching provides meaning-centered counseling and development, which serves to create a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding to manifest personal growth. We also strive to provide a unique option for career counseling for young people who are often unsure about what they want to do after school.

Videos of what you can expect

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